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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free Google Ads?

Has anyone heard of this?

Is there a catch? Or does Google actually benefit from this in some way while it is not heavily promoted ....

Free Google Ads

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entrepreneur said...

Hello Anna

First of all your blog is fantastic, i really love it. Now answering your question, i believe this is a trick, if it wouldn´t be a trick, Google would never allow it, but the truth is, google is making big money with thousands of affiliates advertising this product on adwords. Also if anyone could use adwords for free like the system claims, google would do these two things, first they would sue whoever created that program and they would try to prevent it from being sold, second they would change their adwords system to protect themselves and to make it impossible for that program to work. I was stupid and i promoted that for a couple of weeks, but then i really thought about it and stopped promoting, i think that's a dirty trick, and don't want to sell hype to anyone. I hope it helps.