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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Who You Can Trust about Making Money Online

After a year of searching, sorting, trial and error, and research, I have to communicate that there are two reliable honest sources of information on how to make money online.

These are the two people who I would recommend and who I do recommend above anyone else. If you want to honestly learn to make money online, and actually succeed the honest way, stick with these two sources of information. (And probably the sources of information they recommend.)

Holly Mann (for beginners, covers the essential basics)
Charles Heflin of SEO 2020 (also for beginners but easier to understand if you already have the basics covered by Holly)

I recently cleaned up my email in-basket and unsubscribed from just about anything else I had. Except for the emails I receive from these people.

Without them I would be lost, floundering, confused, and overwhelmed by the rush of false data and dishonesty which abounds on the subject of making money online. With their help I am actually making progress, learning, improving, and reaching my goals.

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