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Monday, October 29, 2007

My Favorite Manual Directory Submission Service

I want to tell everyone about the Manual Directory Submission service I found and chose and love. It is:

Best Web Directories

They will manually submit your website to one directory after another, with an option of slow submission. (Slow submission is very important and if you don't know why you should study "The Plan" at SEO 20/20)

There are different numbers of submissions available for different prices but for 250 submissions it is 52.50

They also seem to know which directories should be avoided for "red flags" and which are okay. And they are submitting to high PR directories, not just PR 0!

They even now have a specialized directory submission service for blogs!

They also allow you to submit several alternate descriptions and anchor texts - all vital for Search Engine Optimization. And you can find out more at their site.

For more information see:

Please note they do not have an affiliate program that I know of. I am simply letting you know about them, because the purpose of my blog is to help save you time and find the right resources!

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