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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Important Things We Forget, About How to Make Money Online

There are a few points in the field of making money online that are a bit too easy to forget - and too important.

1. Be honest.

2. Don't do things to others that you wouldn't want them to do to you. (If you think this won't help you make money online, you shouldn't be trying.)

3. Don't try to trick people.

4. Don't try to sell people things they don't need.

5. In any online-income endeavors you make, provide a useful service.

6. Give something valuable to others and you will eventually get something back.

7. Exchange a something worthwhile for the money you get (or hope to get).

8. Never sell something which you think is unnecessary, a waste of money, harmful, or useless.

9. Don't try to "fool the search engines," "beat the system," or "get around the rules." It will only backfire. And slow you down.

10. You could spend hundreds of hours trying to figure out every rule of a search engine's algorithms, in order to get your site to the top of the list for a specific keyword.

Or you could just think to yourself, "If I would type these keywords into a search engine, what would I be looking for? What kind of website would I be hoping to find?" Then, make that website.

11. When you are just beginning, stick with what you are the most successful at or what is simplest for you to do, and just keep doing that.

Putting pay-per-click ads on a site and then just driving traffic to the site is an excellent way to start. You won't overwhelm and confuse yourself with a dozen affiliate companies or get-rich-quick schemes. You will learn how to build sites, get backlinks, and drive traffic in. And more traffic = more clicks so you will see your site getting more and more successful.

12. If you are a beginner, get a simple E-Book which teaches you the basics of making money online, multiple streams of income, affiliate marketing, etc.

Get one with good reviews - do some research. This is far better than trying to figure everything out from random websites and newsletters. Trust me, I tried it!

13. Get a good, free, webstat counter. This is vital so that you can keep track of your successful actions and increase them.

13. Don't start off by spending tons of money on various make-money-online schemes.

If you pay for anything, buy a good beginner's E-Book, maybe some webhosting (or just get a free blog), possibly a manual directory submission service, and possibly a semi-automated article-submission software program.

If you don't know what these things are, get a good E-Book for beginners first. Then you will know!

14. Keep simple.

15. Don't give up fast. Persist. Research. Learn. Make friends. Have fun.

My next post will most likely be a list of my favorite resources - the best webhosting, the best free webstat counter, the best manual directory submission services, the best blog subscription service, etc. All my own favorites and my own opinions. But it took me weeks and months to find these things so I might as well let you know!

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Oh - The Best E-Book For Beginners, I think you already know!

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