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Monday, January 01, 2007

Honest Riches Review

Summary of Holly Mann's E-book: Honest Riches

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Holly Mann's E-book is about how to work at home and make money online. It is written so that even the beginner can get off the ground.
A general outline of the book's contents is:
1. How to earn money online with no start-up cash
2. How to earn money online by writing reviews of products
3. Website Design (including for beginners)
4. How to earn money through ads on your websites, such as google adsense ads
5. Tricks to Get Your Website a Higher Ranking
6. How to get Life-changing Details on your Web-Stats
7. How to Advertise your Website
8. The Importance of Opt-In Mailing Lists, Autoresponders, and Newsletters
8. Power of Press Releases
9. Dropshipping and Wholesalers
10. Ebay Advertising Tricks
If you are new to making money online I know of no better investment you could make. You could try to figure out it out yourself, search for data around the internet, etc. But it would take you ages. Holly's book gives you a stable source of information to start off with, and won't have you going off in all directions at once.

For more information visit Holly Mann's Website.

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