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Sunday, December 17, 2006

About this Blog

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Hi, this is Anaka. This blog is about resources, websites, software, free services, E-Books, Videos, and anything which will help you to make money online. I've created this blog for the following purpose:
To record and provide information on references, links, software, and tools that will be beneficial to those seeking to earn money using the Internet.
Two firm policies for this blog are as follows:
I will not recommend any service or product which I do not consider to be useful.
I will not recommend anything which I consider to be harmful, or a waste of time or money.
I also want to make sure that this blog provides an unbiased and complete viewpoint on the items that will be referred to. I will leave the blog open for comments. If you have any experience, bad or good, with any product or service I refer to, please send in your comment so that other readers can have access to that information as well.
Due to the nature of my life and schedule, I can not write everything into this blog at once. I will have to build it step by step, one post at a time.
In the end, I hope it will provide information which will be useful and helpful to others. Click on the links on the side of this page for the contents of this blog!
P.S. If you notice that the fonts, sizes, and formats are kind of funny - that's because there is something funny with this blog program right now! I'm trying to fix the fonts, be patient with me!

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