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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Helpful Ebooks

Helpful E-Books on Making Money Online
Honest Riches

If you fit into any of the following categories then I very definitely recommend Holly's book to you:

1. If you are completely new to the subject of making money on the Internet
2. If you only want to buy one E-Book on how to make money online, but you don't know which one to get
3. If you want to earn money over the Internet but you don't know where to start

If you are not new to the field of earning money online, you may still want to get this book. I have heard that it was beneficial and provided useful information to people who were already familiar with the subject. But if you are new to the field of "Internet Income," this is definitely the first E-Book for you.

The book costs about $20.00 and has a money-back guarantee. If want to find more information about it, you can check Holly's website here. But the book is risk-free and speaks for itself when you get it.

I will just tell you a few facts about the book:

- In addition to step-by-step instructions on how to make money online, the book is full of useful links to websites and software (some of it free) which will help get you off the ground in Internet Income.

- Holly has recently started a free website design program for those who have purchased her E-Book (as long as you purchase website hosting from one of her affiliates, which are well-priced.)

- Holly has her own forum for readers of her E-Book, and she also participates, adding new data and tips as shefinds them, and answering people's questions.

The picture of her holding her baby on her website is a real sales-resistance-melter. But I doubt you'll regret it. Only one other thing - it takes some work and sometimes persistance to make money online. It can be easy but that doesn't mean it always happens in two hours. Don't buy the book unless you're willing to put some work into your endeavor. But it will be fun work.

For more information, see Holly's website here

You might have heard of him... I have not read his ebooks but only became interested because they were recommended at Holly's site. If you have any experience with his books or videos, please post a comment. He has the following free ebooks:

Firesale Secrets

OutSource Secrets

Product Launch Exposed

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