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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Anti-Malware Anti-Adware Anti-Virus Internet Security

Anti-Malware - Anti-Adware - Anti-Virus - Internet Security

Note: for more information on computer viruses and related software, please see the article here.

If you will be into making money online you are likely to be all over the internet and you will need protection from different types of malicious software.

For Anti-Virus and Internet Security - everybody online needs Internet Security. There is only one I found that didn't give me trouble, and that's Kaspersky. How I found it? My computer was not working normally and I was searching all over the place for help. Finally someone on a work-from-home forum helped me. He told me to uninstall my Internet Security! I did and it handled it.

I had been using one of the "famous" Internet Security Companies' software. It was hogging my resources, making trouble for my computer, and not doing many updates.

He recommended
Kaspersky because it does not hog resources, updates very often, and finds and handles viruses much better.

It also doesn't confuse me like the other one! I got it and have been very happy with it. So I eventually became an affiliate and put the link on my site.

There are additional free resources of antispyware, antiadware, and other software which helps protect your computer in many various ways. One is not necessarily enough, as they all do different things.

I got this from a list of trustable sites which I was linked to from a tech support forum. Here's the first one (it is free):

Spybot Search and Destroy

For the rest,
click here to see the list.

Remember to check my other blog on Antivirus and Internet Security, for simple explanations and software reviews.


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